Be aware I will get instant notification of all comments and if they are un-civil, use personal attacks, I will delete the comment without notice.

Naming of public figures such as those in town government or running for office, or those who have injected themselves into the public spotlight voluntarily is allowed. People who have not injected themselves in to public spotlight include for example, Brownie Leaders, Teachers, Soccer Coaches etc… People who have include, Board of Anything members, anyone running for office or holding office and anyone commenting on public policy in public, this website included

However comments must be kept to public policy and public actions.

Comments about personal lives or gossip not allowed.

The feedback to this website has been overwhelmingly positive, I hope the site facilitates sane public discourse.

Letters to the editor representing all sides are ALWAYS welcome. If you are sane and can put a few coherent sentences together and your letter deals with a topic of interest particularly to Marlborough Residents please by all means email a letter in, editor@mainstreet-ct.com. I get to decide who is sane and what is relevant.

If the law comes knocking on my door and wants to know who posted what, I’ll give you up in a New York minute. So keep it civil.

As I’ve said before, I have never revealed any poster’s name nor revealed in any manner anyone’s email address.

The above guidelines can be changed at a moments notice by me, without notice by me. Except I will not ever violate your privacy, without legal duress.

Thanks Bob Clarke